Welcome to pūrvelo cycle charlottesville, where we redefine the workout experience. Say goodbye to mirrors and metrics, and hello to a journey driven by rhythm and intensity. Step into our darkroom and immerse yourself in the pūrvelo studio experience. In just 45 minutes, embark on our signature cardio and strength-based total body workout, designed to elevate your heart rate and sculpt your muscles. Experience the thrill of high intensity combined with low impact as you pedal to the beat of epic drops, guided by streamlined choreography that turns your ride into the ultimate dance party on a bike. Discover a new way to sweat, move, and feel alive with pūrvelo cycle.

1000 West Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22903
(434) 987-0843

Trainers are excellent, manager is extremely helpful, and the atmosphere is great. Highly recommend!

Tucker Whittington Avatar Tucker Whittington
May 28, 2024

The best workout environment!! The girls here are the best- kind, encouraging, and energetic!

Yulia Avatar Yulia
May 11, 2024

AMAZING!! The crew feels like a family and are so thoughtful, welcoming and caring just amazing!!! Thank you so much

Leann Alcaide Mangual Avatar Leann Alcaide Mangual
May 11, 2024

Lovely staff, energetic instructors, and to top it of the merch is great too!!!

Kota J Avatar Kota J
February 11, 2024

olivia slays. i loved it <3

Taylor Davis Avatar Taylor Davis
June 11, 2023

I LOVED this place! Went with some friends for the first time and everyone was extremely sweet and welcoming. I would recommend it to anyone!! Marlee was our instructor and she was terrific!

Ella Connell Avatar Ella Connell
June 11, 2023

purvelo auburn offers an encouraging community, a positive environment, and a challenge to be the best person YOU can be on the bike THAT day … not yesterday or the day before, but THAT very day. Thank you for this space! 💙🧡

Summer Vaughan Avatar Summer Vaughan
June 11, 2023

best. workout. ever. its so fun and everyone there is no nice.

Claire McKibbin Avatar Claire McKibbin
June 11, 2023

Pūrvelo is THE best place to workout in Auburn. They provide such a fun and rewarding experience. My first ride at pūrvelo was the first time I truly felt like I got a good workout in since coming to college. The staff, instructors, and community is something that you can't find anywhere else!

Grace Keirn Avatar Grace Keirn
June 11, 2023

This class is so beginner friendly! I started two weeks ago and have been coming ever since! The staff is super friendly and helpful. Love it!

Keirsten Gamble Avatar Keirsten Gamble
June 11, 2023

Pūrvelo is amazing! Always such great energy in the room and the workers are so upbeat and nice. I feel so good when I leave and always want to come back!

Emma sirico Avatar Emma sirico
June 11, 2023

Purvelo Auburn is truly the best place to workout at! All of the staff members are so kind and welcoming. It is a great workout no matter the skill set you have. Every instructor is so encouraging and intentional! I love walking through the doors for a class and seeing all the smiling faces! 🙂

Alexis Holden Avatar Alexis Holden
June 11, 2023

This place is the most incredible place and experience ever. I moved to Auburn a few years ago and started coming to Pūrvelo. Amy, Olivia, and the rest of the Pur Team have made me feel so comfortable that I finally feel I have made a home here. Pūrvelo is a workout and experience like no other! 11/10 recommend this place.

Alyssa Rhodes Avatar Alyssa Rhodes
June 11, 2023

AMAZING!! all the teachers were so motivating and friendly. would 10/10 recommend, even just once to get into something new & i promise you’ll get addicted xoxo

Meghan Bello Avatar Meghan Bello
June 11, 2023

I love starting my day at pūrvelo! The instructors are so encouraging and the community there is so welcoming and supportive.

Gina Bailey Avatar Gina Bailey
June 11, 2023

i’ve been going to pūrvelo for just over a month now, and i love it! the fun environment and awesome workout have pushed me in my fitness goals in every way. the sweet staff is just an added bonus!

Caroline Adams Avatar Caroline Adams
June 11, 2023

An amazing place! Leaves you feeling pumped and ready for the day!! Love all the instructors.

Audrey Henderson Avatar Audrey Henderson
June 11, 2023

Purvelo Auburn is more than just a cycling studio. Purvelo is a community. Not only are you going to get the BEST workout, but you are also get some of your best friends! From the manager, Amy S., to each staff member you are guaranteed to have an awesome experience. PEACE, LOVE, BESTIES AND BIKES!

Emily Burbank Avatar Emily Burbank
June 11, 2023